Japan Care Package

Oh my, here I go again…more foods! And this time it’s all about Japan’s fineness. I love love love their sweet unique flavors from chocolates to biscuits to tea. You name it, they have it.

  1. Kitkat Flavors

Nestle has capitalized on the craze by making dozens of flavors. Their weird and wacky flavors like soy sauce, cheesecake, fruit parfait to name a few were made to pay tribute to the unique taste and foods in Japan.

  1. Bene-imo Tart

I made a review about this sweet potato tart before and this product is from the island of Okinawa. 

  1. Biscuits

I used to ate this biscuits when I was a kid. When I moved out after college, I never got the chance to eat this again until my husband discover this cookie. Haha! 

  1. Pocky and Wafers

My husband and I love Pocky. It’s a pretzel sticks coated with different flavor. I posted some of their flavors in my instagram. 

The wafer with strawberry filling melt in your mouth in every bite. Crunchy and yummy.

  1. Soft Cakes

Tired of crunchy biscuits or nuts? No worries, this soft cakes are just right for you.


Shredded squid – delicious appetizer when drinking beer or just a snack.

Soy Snack – a crunchy soy shell with a twist of cheese flavor.

Japanese Yanyan version – the chocolate dipping is so deep that you can coat your whole pretzel and on top of that, it also offers sprinkles.

  1. Tea

I loveeeee tea! Here are some of my favorite tea that my hubby and I always drink. 

Let me know on the comment what is your favorite? 

Okashi-goten: Bene-imo Factory

One of my favorite Japanese style dessert that is made of purple sweet potato that could not be resisted – bene-imo! If you’ve been in Okinawa for few minutes, probably you’ve seen this goodies around the market. If you want to see how they are made, you should visit Okashi-goten also known as the Bene-imo factory in English. The prices are little bit cheaper than what you see in malls.


Okashi-goten aka Bene-imo Factory


Bene-imo Factory


packaging area

This factory is open for public. You can actually watch them from a big looking glass while you shop. It’s so amazing watching those pastries how they are made and pack.


excuse my face…here’s the finish product and my favorite of all

Kyle’s favorite soft steamed cake

With some hibiscus tea, these pastries won’t last on us. Haha (that’s how good they are, PINKY swear)
Here are some more of their products.


mochi and other pastries


different types of bene-imo

They also sell souvenirs other than the pastries.

They also offer free taste, if it pass your taste buds, go grab a basket and kaching…you got yourself some delicious goodies. They also have a restaurant inside in case you get hungry while shopping and don’t forget to try the bene-imo ice cream for dessert.


If you’re visiting Okinawa, make sure to bring your passport to avail free tax for tourist. Don’t forget to look for coupons as well, you might get a good discount or freebies.

Travel: How To Get Cheap/Free Flights

Do you love to travel and go for an adventure in some places that you have never been to but worry about the airfare? Here are some of the tips that you can do to get a cheap or free flights and fly to your dream destination:


There is no way that you can get cheap flights if you are not flexible, this includes flexible on dates, times, destination and airports.


Make sure to know your airline comparison engines. First, all you have to do is go to their websites and do airlines comparisons. If you find something that is cheap, go to that airline’s official website and check which is more cheaper. Another tip is, get the details of what you have found on the website and take it to your local agency to match it. Sometimes they will match the price or beat it in a lower price (I do this a lot of times).

Flight Comparison Engines:







Weekends tends to be more expensive because a lot of people fly and they have the time off during the weekends. Avoid flying during the peak seasons like holidays, you’re not gonna get a cheap flight. Airlines increases their tickets on holidays, increase in traffic and chaos; if you can avoid flying on holidays, avoid it.

Make sure to book or buy your tickets ahead of time to get a good deals, start searching for airfare 5 months ahead for international and 3 months for domestic flight.

Cheapest day to fly is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some airlines considered Thursday to Sunday a weekend depending on your destination, .


If you have more time in your hand, setup a price alert. Kayak does this well where you have your save route and then they will alert you when the price goes down or it gets potentially higher. They will also give you an advice when is the best time to buy it.

Signup for deals or newsletter either directly from the airline, local agency or airline search engines. They usually have a 1-2 days flash sale or 1 day sale, promos and discounts for certain destination and flight date.

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I Am A Gamer Girl

Many people think of video games as a guy hobby but there are quite few benefits of being a gamer girl. 


IMPROVED FOCUS AND ACTIVE BRAINstrategy games improve your observation and thinking abilities. You have to stay focus all the times if you want to win. 


by: Google Image

SOLVE PROBLEMS – games would give you different perspectives and make you better at problem solving. Figure out what’s wrong, find solution and fix it.


by: Google Image

MEET NEW PEOPLE – whenever me and my husband play RoseOnline or Florensia, we play with friends or even strangers. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. For me, it is much more interactive form of social media.


by: Google Image

REDUCED STRESS AND BOREDOM – gamer tend to be more relaxed that non-gamers. It’s a great getaway from stress and boredom. Whenever I’m stress out, I play Counter-Strike, blow stuff up and laugh just to calm myself down. If I’m bored and want to create virtual realities, I play TheSims and learn great things from this simulation.

ENCOURAGE SUCCESS – shout out to my forever gamer hubby buddy who always encourage me to keep trying until I succeed. Persistence and working hard will help you achieve anything.


by: Google Image

IMPROVED COORDINATION – I am not the most coordinated person but action games improve my reflexes and hand-eye coordination. All you need is practice and have fun.


by: Google Image

According to Dutch researchers that not only do newer video games provide young people with compelling social, cognitive and emotional experiences, they also can potentially boost mental health and well-being. You don’t have to be a die-hard gamer or addicted to games to be a geek. You just have to spend some time having fun in a virtual world.

Travel Tips: Backpacking Adventure

Backpacking is easy to do as long as you know the basic ideas on how to do it. I am not a travel expert and this are my personal opinion based on my personal experience. Here are some of the ideas that worked for me when I travel:


The most fun but the most frustrating. Gather magazines, watch YouTube, read travel blogs, check social media like Instagram or research on line. I guarantee you, there will be millions of travel places that will show up. Here’s what I do, write down all the places that you decided that you want to go to and then mark it on a map.


You have to think what you really want like what’s the purpose of you travel? Do you want to go the beach and get drunk or go for a ski trip or climb Mt. Everest? Do you want to do volunteer, work with leisure or just for a vacation? What are the best thing that you can do and for how long?


Time when you are traveling and time when you going to leave for. Time will have a great impact on your budget, make sure to consider both when planning. Budget means saving money and avoiding to buy unnecessary stuff. For international travel, average spend = $1500 USD depending on your destination.

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River Adventure: Great Hiji Falls

It was midday of summer when my family and I decided to grabbed some food from Family Mart before heading out to our next destination…the great Hiji Falls! A 45 minute trek from the entrance/camp site. Don’t forget to bring cash (yen only) with you for entrance fee. They have a small picnic area surrounded with campsites, BBQ grill and of course, a lot of trees – a perfect summer getaway with friends and families. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreens, insect repellents and first aide kits.


Picnic Area


family picnic lunch 

We’re all stuffed, we decided to rest for few minutes before heading out.


my sister trying to get a few zzz before heading out

We started our route by the river. It was 1 o’ clock in the afternoon and we needed water to cool us down.

Back in 2008, the only way that you can reach Hiji falls is by river trekking and today, this place has change a lot since the last time I was here. Stairs, pathways and suspended bridge are built. We met a lot of people along the way, wearing white Stan Smith shoes and wearing casual clothes. Thankfully, I did not see anyone wearing heels. Haha!


suspended bridge





We can already hear the sounds of the falls from here and we’re all excited to swim to cool us down from this 89F temperature.



Finally, we’re here! The falls is stunning with clear cold water. It was a great workout for us to be here and experience this awesome view of nature.


The Great Hiji Falls

This area is now off limits for swimming. We just decided to take a picture and look for another area where we can swim and enjoy.


The water was so good and cold. We just enjoyed so much that we almost forgot about the time.


If you are looking for another getaway destination, in love with nature and needed to make yourself sweat without hitting the gym, this place is definitely a good workout for you.