DIY Planner

Planner helps me a lot from my daily schedules either traditional or using my smart phone. Since I have had a hard time finding a planner that has everything I want and less expensive, I just decided to make my own – a planner specialized for me.

I kept it simple and didn’t worry about the mess-ups. Plus, I can make it fancy or simple as I want. So, if you’re like me you might want this simple and pretty do it yourself ideas.






  1. Weekly Calendar


  1. Labels & Divider

diy printable labels

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Organized Pantry

Watching YouTube, reading blogs and google pictures for inspiration really help me a lot on how to organize my own pantry. I cut the clutter and harness my pantry’s power with this ideas.


storage containers (bought from store & online or recycle)

You can use these items as a storage to preserve the freshness of your food.

  1. Simple Perfect – storage canister with suction lid
  2. Ball Mason Jars (16 ounce) – amazon
  3. Ball Mason Jars (32 ounce) – amazon
  4. Recyclable – from your empty food jars



spices container from Ikea

Picture from Home by Heidi


don’t forget to label your containers including expiration date


use food clips or paper clips

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How I Pack My Orders

Whenever I sold something online (Poshmark, Tradesy, Vinted or Mercari) I always think as if I am giving a gift to somebody and I want to wrap it just like a Christmas present. I wanted it to be well presented the way I wanted to received them. I hope this step by step packing will somehow give you an idea on how to make your items amazing. Your wrapping might be as great as mine; keep it simple and well turned out.

1.Shipping Label – once you sold an item, go to their website or app to print the label or you can get it from your email.

2.Inspect your item – check it carefully and thoroughly make sure that the product is in good condition, no damages, dust or whatsoever. If there is any changes with your item, let the buyer know asap (you don’t want your item to be return to you and get a negative feedback). Clean it and make it look presentable and appealing.

2015-12-17 20.16.28

I added my own hangtags for my own personal touch

3.Wrap Time – once everything is good to go, wrap it! You can use recycled tissue paper or buy one from your local stores. You can add stickers or a clear tape, laces or strings whichever you like.

2015-12-17 20.16.51

I used tissue paper to protect my item from the box

2015-12-17 20.17.35

I used stickers  to accessorize my packaging 

5.Thank You cards – show your buyer how thankful you are. You can buy cards from your local stores or just make one. If it is a store bought make sure that you write your thank you notes by hand and for handmade, I personally print my message and names are handwritten. If you don’t want to spend any dime or don’t have the time, just get a notepad and write it from there. What matter is you never forget to say thank you.

2015-12-17 20.15.42

my own personalized thank you card

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