Japan Care Package

Oh my, here I go again…more foods! And this time it’s all about Japan’s fineness. I love love love their sweet unique flavors from chocolates to biscuits to tea. You name it, they have it.

  1. Kitkat Flavors

Nestle has capitalized on the craze by making dozens of flavors. Their weird and wacky flavors like soy sauce, cheesecake, fruit parfait to name a few were made to pay tribute to the unique taste and foods in Japan.

  1. Bene-imo Tart

I made a review about this sweet potato tart before and this product is from the island of Okinawa. 

  1. Biscuits

I used to ate this biscuits when I was a kid. When I moved out after college, I never got the chance to eat this again until my husband discover this cookie. Haha! 

  1. Pocky and Wafers

My husband and I love Pocky. It’s a pretzel sticks coated with different flavor. I posted some of their flavors in my instagram. 

The wafer with strawberry filling melt in your mouth in every bite. Crunchy and yummy.

  1. Soft Cakes

Tired of crunchy biscuits or nuts? No worries, this soft cakes are just right for you.


Shredded squid – delicious appetizer when drinking beer or just a snack.

Soy Snack – a crunchy soy shell with a twist of cheese flavor.

Japanese Yanyan version – the chocolate dipping is so deep that you can coat your whole pretzel and on top of that, it also offers sprinkles.

  1. Tea

I loveeeee tea! Here are some of my favorite tea that my hubby and I always drink. 

Let me know on the comment what is your favorite? 

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