Okashi-goten: Bene-imo Factory

One of my favorite Japanese style dessert that is made of purple sweet potato that could not be resisted – bene-imo! If you’ve been in Okinawa for few minutes, probably you’ve seen this goodies around the market. If you want to see how they are made, you should visit Okashi-goten also known as the Bene-imo factory in English. The prices are little bit cheaper than what you see in malls.


Okashi-goten aka Bene-imo Factory


Bene-imo Factory


packaging area

This factory is open for public. You can actually watch them from a big looking glass while you shop. It’s so amazing watching those pastries how they are made and pack.


excuse my face…here’s the finish product and my favorite of all

Kyle’s favorite soft steamed cake

With some hibiscus tea, these pastries won’t last on us. Haha (that’s how good they are, PINKY swear)
Here are some more of their products.


mochi and other pastries


different types of bene-imo

They also sell souvenirs other than the pastries.

They also offer free taste, if it pass your taste buds, go grab a basket and kaching…you got yourself some delicious goodies. They also have a restaurant inside in case you get hungry while shopping and don’t forget to try the bene-imo ice cream for dessert.


If you’re visiting Okinawa, make sure to bring your passport to avail free tax for tourist. Don’t forget to look for coupons as well, you might get a good discount or freebies.

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