Travel: How To Get Cheap/Free Flights

Do you love to travel and go for an adventure in some places that you have never been to but worry about the airfare? Here are some of the tips that you can do to get a cheap or free flights and fly to your dream destination:


There is no way that you can get cheap flights if you are not flexible, this includes flexible on dates, times, destination and airports.


Make sure to know your airline comparison engines. First, all you have to do is go to their websites and do airlines comparisons. If you find something that is cheap, go to that airline’s official website and check which is more cheaper. Another tip is, get the details of what you have found on the website and take it to your local agency to match it. Sometimes they will match the price or beat it in a lower price (I do this a lot of times).

Flight Comparison Engines:


Weekends tends to be more expensive because a lot of people fly and they have the time off during the weekends. Avoid flying during the peak seasons like holidays, you’re not gonna get a cheap flight. Airlines increases their tickets on holidays, increase in traffic and chaos; if you can avoid flying on holidays, avoid it.

Make sure to book or buy your tickets ahead of time to get a good deals, start searching for airfare 5 months ahead for international and 3 months for domestic flight.

Cheapest day to fly is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some airlines considered Thursday to Sunday a weekend depending on your destination, .


If you have more time in your hand, setup a price alert. Kayak does this well where you have your save route and then they will alert you when the price goes down or it gets potentially higher. They will also give you an advice when is the best time to buy it.

Signup for deals or newsletter either directly from the airline, local agency or airline search engines. They usually have a 1-2 days flash sale or 1 day sale, promos and discounts for certain destination and flight date.


If you don’t have it yet, signup for one. You need to get a point cards in one of the 3 major alliances: Sky Team, Star Alliance or One World. Whichever you choose will depend on whatever you local carrier . By signing up, you will automatically get bonus signup point. Almost all of them offer a signing bonus by only signing up — that is almost a free flight or a free flight just by signing up with the credit card. Then put anything you buy on that credit – i mean everything like grocery store, gas, food and other stuff if you can but don’t get crazy and start buying things that you don’t need. Every dollar you spend is a point that can get you a free flight ($$ = Miles).


Your browser saves setting. Some airline comparison engines saves your data and the next time you visit the site, they might increase the price.


If you are super super flexible (really flexible) and ready for adventure and risks, you can always fly standby. You just have to go to the airport and take whatever flight that is available, what’s the best price, where to and then you hop on a flight – pretty cheap! I’ve personally done this a couples of times, it was tiring but a lot of fun.


Nothing worst than buying a cheap ticket that you thought was cheap and then you went to the airport and realized that you have to pay $25 – $50 USD each way for your bags – that doesn’t make your cheap ticket anymore. Make sure that you know that whatever airline that you are flying with if do they charge baggage fee.

Finding cheap airline ticket is a trial and error, there is no magic formula. Just keep an eye on the deals and promos, be patient and be really really really flexible.


Exclusive only for service members and their families, traveling Space A — on military flights can be a great benefit, but you have to be flexible. Military flights are unpredictable and subject to delays and cancellations. You’ll need to be ready both financially and emotionally to change your plans at a moment’s notice. But for many Space-A passengers, traveling to places like Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, Italy or Japan at no or very low cost is worth the effort.


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