I Am A Gamer Girl

Many people think of video games as a guy hobby but there are quite few benefits of being a gamer girl. 


IMPROVED FOCUS AND ACTIVE BRAINstrategy games improve your observation and thinking abilities. You have to stay focus all the times if you want to win. 


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SOLVE PROBLEMS – games would give you different perspectives and make you better at problem solving. Figure out what’s wrong, find solution and fix it.


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MEET NEW PEOPLE – whenever me and my husband play RoseOnline or Florensia, we play with friends or even strangers. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. For me, it is much more interactive form of social media.


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REDUCED STRESS AND BOREDOM – gamer tend to be more relaxed that non-gamers. It’s a great getaway from stress and boredom. Whenever I’m stress out, I play Counter-Strike, blow stuff up and laugh just to calm myself down. If I’m bored and want to create virtual realities, I play TheSims and learn great things from this simulation.

ENCOURAGE SUCCESS – shout out to my forever gamer hubby buddy who always encourage me to keep trying until I succeed. Persistence and working hard will help you achieve anything.


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IMPROVED COORDINATION – I am not the most coordinated person but action games improve my reflexes and hand-eye coordination. All you need is practice and have fun.


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According to Dutch researchers that not only do newer video games provide young people with compelling social, cognitive and emotional experiences, they also can potentially boost mental health and well-being. You don’t have to be a die-hard gamer or addicted to games to be a geek. You just have to spend some time having fun in a virtual world.

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