River Adventure: Great Hiji Falls

It was midday of summer when my family and I decided to grabbed some food from Family Mart before heading out to our next destination…the great Hiji Falls! A 45 minute trek from the entrance/camp site. Don’t forget to bring cash (yen only) with you for entrance fee. They have a small picnic area surrounded with campsites, BBQ grill and of course, a lot of trees – a perfect summer getaway with friends and families. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreens, insect repellents and first aide kits.


Picnic Area


family picnic lunch 

We’re all stuffed, we decided to rest for few minutes before heading out.


my sister trying to get a few zzz before heading out

We started our route by the river. It was 1 o’ clock in the afternoon and we needed water to cool us down.

Back in 2008, the only way that you can reach Hiji falls is by river trekking and today, this place has change a lot since the last time I was here. Stairs, pathways and suspended bridge are built. We met a lot of people along the way, wearing white Stan Smith shoes and wearing casual clothes. Thankfully, I did not see anyone wearing heels. Haha!


suspended bridge





We can already hear the sounds of the falls from here and we’re all excited to swim to cool us down from this 89F temperature.



Finally, we’re here! The falls is stunning with clear cold water. It was a great workout for us to be here and experience this awesome view of nature.


The Great Hiji Falls

This area is now off limits for swimming. We just decided to take a picture and look for another area where we can swim and enjoy.


The water was so good and cold. We just enjoyed so much that we almost forgot about the time.


If you are looking for another getaway destination, in love with nature and needed to make yourself sweat without hitting the gym, this place is definitely a good workout for you.


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