When in Macau

Macau or also spelled Macao is a special administrative region on the southern coast of China. One of the world’s richest cities according to World Bank and it became he world’s largest gambling center in 2006, with the economy heavily dependent on gambling and tourism, as well as manufacturing. Macau is the ‘Vegas of the East’, the only place in China where gambling is legal.




The Ruins of St. Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul’s (also known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik) stands adjacent to the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The front façade and the grand stone stairs are the only remains of the greatest church.



Monte Fort

Monte Fort is the oldest, lying to the east of the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Built in 1616, it originally belonged to St. Paul’s Church and was used to defend the church from the pirates. It later became solely a military fort.



Museum of Macau

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DIY Planner

Planner helps me a lot from my daily schedules either traditional or using my smart phone. Since I have had a hard time finding a planner that has everything I want and less expensive, I just decided to make my own – a planner specialized for me.

I kept it simple and didn’t worry about the mess-ups. Plus, I can make it fancy or simple as I want. So, if you’re like me you might want this simple and pretty do it yourself ideas.






  1. Weekly Calendar


  1. Labels & Divider

diy printable labels

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Organized Pantry

Watching YouTube, reading blogs and google pictures for inspiration really help me a lot on how to organize my own pantry. I cut the clutter and harness my pantry’s power with this ideas.


storage containers (bought from store & online or recycle)

You can use these items as a storage to preserve the freshness of your food.

  1. Simple Perfect – storage canister with suction lid
  2. Ball Mason Jars (16 ounce) – amazon
  3. Ball Mason Jars (32 ounce) – amazon
  4. Recyclable – from your empty food jars



spices container from Ikea

Picture from Home by Heidi


don’t forget to label your containers including expiration date


use food clips or paper clips

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