Finding Kyle

Have you ever experience a time when you asked yourself when is He going to give you the right man/woman to spend your whole life with? Or if you will ever get married? And yes, I did asked myself those questions. Haha…


meet my boyfriend

I met my husband when I was in Japan and got introduced to each other through our common friend. Everything started from there until the day he proposed to me and I said the word “YES!!!”. It was the best thing that ever happened to me on that year. Finally, a man who stood up, kneeled down and got the courage to tie a knot with my craziness and shenanigans. Haha…

1Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines and we’re officially engaged

After a few weeks of vacation, he needed to go back to US to work and I stayed in Philippines since I was managing our family business at that time, contracts with modeling agencies & other activities. We ended up doing a long distance relationship since we can’t be together for few months and we got some responsibilities to deal with. It was a struggle for both of us since we missed each other so much. Other people complained about being with their other half but, for us, this is the only thing that we can do. Communicate and wait for the day  until we can be together again.

How we keep our relationship alive & steady?

COMMUNICATION – the foundation of your relationship, never miss a day without sending him/her a message or even a picture. A casual text of saying Hi or how are you? ; will somehow suffice every second of how much you miss each other. If we have free time, we talked for a few minutes and if we got lucky it took us hours as well. Skype, YM, facebook, viber you name it. We tried every app just to keep our relationship up and running. You might feel that sometimes you get so bored but don’t be. Once you decided to be in that situation that means that you agreed with all the terms and conditions and pray that no one cheats.

6our skype moments

TRUST – the toughest and hardest of all. A gamble for all who are in long distance relationship status. Most people failed on this. Once a trust is broken, it will never be whole again. People forgive but they will never forget. Always trust each other; trust yourself as well that you will never direct yourself to temptation. Always put yourself on your better half shoes; what would you feel if he/she did cheat on you? Always believe in your relationship, if things go down south. Talk and compromise on how to gain those trust again.

UNDERSTANDING – a lot people get paranoid about this. If there is some changes with the situation they always tend to think a lot of things. They make simple things complicated or they always look for problems that is not even there at the first place. There are times that I don’t understand my husband’s situation and whenever he explained it, for some reason I still don’t get it (I think it will be worth it if he nailed it down into my head. Lol) and vice versa. If you are worried about some things, always address it to one another. Things will get better if you voice it out. Never ever approach a person if you’re so mad or in paranoid state (calm down for a minute or 2) because it will only make things worse.

LOVE – the most important of all. If love fades and gone with the wind, it’s the end of it. If you feel like your love is slowly fading away, always remember the time that you fell in love with your dearie. Think about the happy moments that you’re together, reminisce and always fall in love with each other every single day. If there are things that you wish that he/she will do for you. Always compromise and instead do those things for her/him. Make your love alive, do the things that you both wanted to do even if it means experimenting. My husband is afraid of heights but he is willing to do a cliff jumping with me, ride a roller coaster or even climb the highest tower. He will do those things for me because he knew that I love it and I am a daredevil. I hate snakes but we had a picture together with a Burmese python. Ewwww! Thinking of it makes me so squeamish.

Fast track, the day came for us to be with each other’s arms again. Yay! It was a long wait for both of us but everything was paid off. We moved in together and then we decided to get our relationship on to the next level, we got married on the day we became bf/gf (a special anniversary gift for both of us). It was a simple wedding, we do fancy big weddings but all we think about is practicality. We don’t want to spend a lot of $$ on a wedding since we’re just starting out and we know that there will be more expenses ahead of us and we needed to save money.

4Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

3Friends and Families on our wedding day at San Diego

It was a long journey for us and we’re both glad that we survived the long distance relationship and I’m so happy that we both decided to be together and make things official. I’m so grateful and blissful to have this man by my side and so thankful that He gave me you, Kyle!

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