Closet Business: Earn Money from Home

Are you a stay-at-home-parent, a teenager or a college student? No worries, I got some tips and ideas for you on how to earn money without spending a dime in starting your own business.

Every ladies and hoarders can do this, all you have to do is start from your closet. Women loves fashion, makeups, shoes, accessories, clothes and etc. We only wear like 20% of what’s in our wardrobe and the rest of the 80%, let me help you turn that into something useful rather than sitting in your closet collecting dust and waiting for you to use them. If you have any items that you are no longer using and you want to make a profit out of it, you can sell them online. You can sell like a pro and start earning some $$ for the fashion that no longer fits in your life. Almost everything in your closet has a good chance to sell; gently used, new items with tags or items that are still new but never get a chance to wear them. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to sell, personalized your closet to let other users know who you are and highlight the great items you have for sale! Create some listings, take a picture, post them online, share it to your followers and other social media, set your price and wait until somebody buys it from you.

I’ve been cleaning my closet and I am slowly trying to become a minimalist and I started from there. Lots of online consignment shop and to name the most top on the list are E-bay and Amazon. However, the one that I am using right now are these website/app called Poshmark, Tradesy, Vinted and Mercari. You can also buy some items in here like limited edition, designer goods, and handmade items and on top of that you can get up to 90% off from the original price. A good deal for everybody who loves fashion but doesn’t want to pay a thousand of G’s.


This is the first online consignment shop that I joined with, I’ve been with them for a month now and so far I am enjoying it. I got so addicted on selling my items in here. They take 20% commission from your sold items. The buyer always pay for shipping fee, a fixed fee of $4.99 (sometimes they have promos on shipping for as low as $0.99) and weights up to 5lbs. If your item weights more than that you have to check with Poshmark for more details. They don’t allow trades in here but some people still do it. If item is not describe on what’s in your listing, item will be return to you and the buyer will get their refund. For customer service, you can only get help from them through emails. Available for US only. App available in Play Store and App Store.

Here’s my closet link:

Use my code POKHN for you to get a $10 credit when you signup and download the app.


Pretty much similar with Poshmark, they take 19% of your commission and you are allowed to swap items in here, however swaps take place outside the Vinted payment system and you are not covered by their safety policy. Buyer pays for the shipment depending on the weight of the item. They can also ship to FPO/PO address which is good for our military fashion lovers. You just have to send your package normally but let your buyer know that the time frame for shipping will take a little longer since you’re shipping it internationally. For customer service, you can reach them through emails and they will get back to in 48 hours or less. App available in Play Store and App Store.

Here’s my closet link:


Same concept with Poshmark and Vinted. So far, this app/website is my favorite of all. Shipping is calculated by a formula based on the size and price of the item (to cover materials and insurance). It picks up part of this cost – which is deducted from the 9% seller commission – and the rest is paid for by the buyer as part of the purchase price. They offers three different methods for shipping orders to your buyer (please read it carefully whenever you create your listings). They can also provide the shipping material for you but it will take a while until you receive them, I would suggest that you use your own packaging and just print the label from them since you don’t want your buyer to wait that long. As a seller, you’re not responsible for accepting returns nor issuing refunds to buyers. If they verify the item was not sold as described or is prohibited from sale, they will send the item back to the seller and charge back the earnings you received in order to refund the buyer. Fair and simple. Please check the rest of their guidelines. Once your item gets accepted with no problems, you can withdraw your earnings from them. You can do direct deposit into your account with a fee. You can contact them through chat, emails or by phone. App is only available for Apple user.

Here’s my closet link:

Comment below your email address, so I can send you an invite code. You’ll get $25 off on your first purchase of $50 and more.


The most popular for all sellers. It is an online flea market that can only be access through the app only. It originated in Japan and now in US. They take 0% commission of your selling price which is good because you can have the full amount for yourself. For the shipping either the seller or the buyer will pay for the shipping and it is based on the size of the item that you are going to send. You can contact them through their helpdesk. App is both available on Play Store and App Store.

Check my closet: scairellie08

Use my invite code ZRPEAK for you to get a $2 credit when you sign up.

Type of people that you will deal with:

a. lawball – term for people who offer way to low on the seller’s asking price

b. scammers – bad people to deal with. not good for business.

c. trader – either you get the items as describe or no items at all.

d. good seller & buyer – Yay! good business deal means more money.

Please read or watch the reviews of the online consignment shop for more information. I heard a lot of negative reviews about some of them but it is up to your judgement. I hope this would help you in anyway to earn some extra cash from your closet.

Disclaimer: This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. All that was written are based on my opinion and experiences with the said website. This is not a sponsored post, I only give my honest opinion, findings and beliefs.The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Any other product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about the product or services should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. You can check their website for more details if I missed some information written above.
This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest. 

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