When in Puerto Galera

I was having dinner with my friends, all of a sudden we just decided to go somewhere unplanned. With few hours left, we all hurry back home to pack our things, slept for few hours, woke up & off to see everyone at our meeting place and hoping to be there on time and not be left behind.

After few hours of sitting on a car, finally we reached the ferry station going to Puerto Galera. We got there on time to take the first sail. Since it was unexpected, most of us don’t have enough budget but still everybody tried to be there for pleasure and for the awesome chums. Haha…

You have to register prior on cruising, after that we stayed at the boarding area until it was time to embarked.


ferry registration area

Hungry, tired and not enough sleep and yet we’re all excited to be there in few more hours; waiting time feels like forever.

Puerto (86)

boarding area (sleepy & exhausted)

All aboard, we sailed off to the island. I fell asleep as I am tired from work and not enough Zzzz. Everybody fell asleep at the entire trip. One of us took a picture of us sleeping. Haha… we even used it as our profile pic for a week. Lol

Yay! We’re here. Island is so amazing! Everything paid off, our stress went away, no more sleepy us…we got energized by the beauty of the island. Once we got off from the boat, we headed right away to our hotel, left our bags and went straight to the cottage for our lunch. Leftovers from last night’s dinner filled our hungry stomach. After getting stuffed up, we all went back to our hotel, changed wardrobe and then swim. Two of us were newbies with the place, they even teased us to kiss the sand for luck??? We’re not gullible to do that, however we took some pictures just for fun.

Puerto (68)

Luck of Sand

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Travel on a Budget: South and North Korea

My friend invited me to go to South Korea on a tour, we both downloaded the visa application online and headed out to Korean Embassy to submit our application. Few days later, I got my passport back with visa and as for my friend, he got denied. It was so funny back then because I initially don’t have any plans in going to Korea. After I got approved, I searched online and look for promotional 2 way tickets & I got so lucky with the price, went ahead and buy me self a ticket.

Next thing I did was to search for a hostel where I can stay for few days. All I needed was a place to stay for sleep, where I can take a shower and dump my blues away. Ewww! (haha) I stayed at Backpacker Mr. Sea, their staff are friendly although some of them cannot speak English. It is near the market, a few minute walk to train station, lots of café and convenient store and also accessible to the bus station going to the airport. If you’re not used in sharing a room with other travelers (strangers) I would not suggest this for you although it is a lot cheaper than actually booking a good cozy 5-star hotel. I paid $25 (the owner gave me extra discount) per night in this hostel for 5 days (a good deal for everybody who wants to travel on a budget).

DSC03664.JPGBackpacker Mr. Sea Lobby area

Next thing I did was to make an itinerary for my stay. Here are some of their tourist attraction:

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace – translates in English as “Palace of Shining Happiness”. The premises were destroyed by fire at the time of Japanese occupation from 1592-1598. However, all of the palace’s 7,700 rooms were later restored under the leadership of Heungseondaewongun during the reign of King Gojong.  I passed this area when I was on a bus tour and I did not get a chance to take pictures in here.

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How I Pack My Orders

Whenever I sold something online (Poshmark, Tradesy, Vinted or Mercari) I always think as if I am giving a gift to somebody and I want to wrap it just like a Christmas present. I wanted it to be well presented the way I wanted to received them. I hope this step by step packing will somehow give you an idea on how to make your items amazing. Your wrapping might be as great as mine; keep it simple and well turned out.

1.Shipping Label – once you sold an item, go to their website or app to print the label or you can get it from your email.

2.Inspect your item – check it carefully and thoroughly make sure that the product is in good condition, no damages, dust or whatsoever. If there is any changes with your item, let the buyer know asap (you don’t want your item to be return to you and get a negative feedback). Clean it and make it look presentable and appealing.

2015-12-17 20.16.28

I added my own hangtags for my own personal touch

3.Wrap Time – once everything is good to go, wrap it! You can use recycled tissue paper or buy one from your local stores. You can add stickers or a clear tape, laces or strings whichever you like.

2015-12-17 20.16.51

I used tissue paper to protect my item from the box

2015-12-17 20.17.35

I used stickers  to accessorize my packaging 

5.Thank You cards – show your buyer how thankful you are. You can buy cards from your local stores or just make one. If it is a store bought make sure that you write your thank you notes by hand and for handmade, I personally print my message and names are handwritten. If you don’t want to spend any dime or don’t have the time, just get a notepad and write it from there. What matter is you never forget to say thank you.

2015-12-17 20.15.42

my own personalized thank you card

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Finding Kyle

Have you ever experience a time when you asked yourself when is He going to give you the right man/woman to spend your whole life with? Or if you will ever get married? And yes, I did asked myself those questions. Haha…


meet my boyfriend

I met my husband when I was in Japan and got introduced to each other through our common friend. Everything started from there until the day he proposed to me and I said the word “YES!!!”. It was the best thing that ever happened to me on that year. Finally, a man who stood up, kneeled down and got the courage to tie a knot with my craziness and shenanigans. Haha…

1Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines and we’re officially engaged

After a few weeks of vacation, he needed to go back to US to work and I stayed in Philippines since I was managing our family business at that time, contracts with modeling agencies & other activities. We ended up doing a long distance relationship since we can’t be together for few months and we got some responsibilities to deal with. It was a struggle for both of us since we missed each other so much. Other people complained about being with their other half but, for us, this is the only thing that we can do. Communicate and wait for the day  until we can be together again.

How we keep our relationship alive & steady?

COMMUNICATION – the foundation of your relationship, never miss a day without sending him/her a message or even a picture. A casual text of saying Hi or how are you? ; will somehow suffice every second of how much you miss each other. If we have free time, we talked for a few minutes and if we got lucky it took us hours as well. Skype, YM, facebook, viber you name it. We tried every app just to keep our relationship up and running. You might feel that sometimes you get so bored but don’t be. Once you decided to be in that situation that means that you agreed with all the terms and conditions and pray that no one cheats.

6our skype moments

TRUST – the toughest and hardest of all. A gamble for all who are in long distance relationship status. Most people failed on this. Once a trust is broken, it will never be whole again. People forgive but they will never forget. Always trust each other; trust yourself as well that you will never direct yourself to temptation. Always put yourself on your better half shoes; what would you feel if he/she did cheat on you? Always believe in your relationship, if things go down south. Talk and compromise on how to gain those trust again.

UNDERSTANDING – a lot people get paranoid about this. If there is some changes with the situation they always tend to think a lot of things. They make simple things complicated or they always look for problems that is not even there at the first place. There are times that I don’t understand my husband’s situation and whenever he explained it, for some reason I still don’t get it (I think it will be worth it if he nailed it down into my head. Lol) and vice versa. If you are worried about some things, always address it to one another. Things will get better if you voice it out. Never ever approach a person if you’re so mad or in paranoid state (calm down for a minute or 2) because it will only make things worse.

LOVE – the most important of all. If love fades and gone with the wind, it’s the end of it. If you feel like your love is slowly fading away, always remember the time that you fell in love with your dearie. Think about the happy moments that you’re together, reminisce and always fall in love with each other every single day. If there are things that you wish that he/she will do for you. Always compromise and instead do those things for her/him. Make your love alive, do the things that you both wanted to do even if it means experimenting. My husband is afraid of heights but he is willing to do a cliff jumping with me, ride a roller coaster or even climb the highest tower. He will do those things for me because he knew that I love it and I am a daredevil. I hate snakes but we had a picture together with a Burmese python. Ewwww! Thinking of it makes me so squeamish.

Fast track, the day came for us to be with each other’s arms again. Yay! It was a long wait for both of us but everything was paid off. We moved in together and then we decided to get our relationship on to the next level, we got married on the day we became bf/gf (a special anniversary gift for both of us). It was a simple wedding, we do fancy big weddings but all we think about is practicality. We don’t want to spend a lot of $$ on a wedding since we’re just starting out and we know that there will be more expenses ahead of us and we needed to save money.

4Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

3Friends and Families on our wedding day at San Diego

It was a long journey for us and we’re both glad that we survived the long distance relationship and I’m so happy that we both decided to be together and make things official. I’m so grateful and blissful to have this man by my side and so thankful that He gave me you, Kyle!

Closet Business: Earn Money from Home

Are you a stay-at-home-parent, a teenager or a college student? No worries, I got some tips and ideas for you on how to earn money without spending a dime in starting your own business.

Every ladies and hoarders can do this, all you have to do is start from your closet. Women loves fashion, makeups, shoes, accessories, clothes and etc. We only wear like 20% of what’s in our wardrobe and the rest of the 80%, let me help you turn that into something useful rather than sitting in your closet collecting dust and waiting for you to use them. If you have any items that you are no longer using and you want to make a profit out of it, you can sell them online. You can sell like a pro and start earning some $$ for the fashion that no longer fits in your life. Almost everything in your closet has a good chance to sell; gently used, new items with tags or items that are still new but never get a chance to wear them. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to sell, personalized your closet to let other users know who you are and highlight the great items you have for sale! Create some listings, take a picture, post them online, share it to your followers and other social media, set your price and wait until somebody buys it from you.

I’ve been cleaning my closet and I am slowly trying to become a minimalist and I started from there. Lots of online consignment shop and to name the most top on the list are E-bay and Amazon. However, the one that I am using right now are these website/app called Poshmark, Tradesy, Vinted and Mercari. You can also buy some items in here like limited edition, designer goods, and handmade items and on top of that you can get up to 90% off from the original price. A good deal for everybody who loves fashion but doesn’t want to pay a thousand of G’s.


This is the first online consignment shop that I joined with, I’ve been with them for a month now and so far I am enjoying it. I got so addicted on selling my items in here. They take 20% commission from your sold items. The buyer always pay for shipping fee, a fixed fee of $4.99 (sometimes they have promos on shipping for as low as $0.99) and weights up to 5lbs. If your item weights more than that you have to check with Poshmark for more details. They don’t allow trades in here but some people still do it. If item is not describe on what’s in your listing, item will be return to you and the buyer will get their refund. For customer service, you can only get help from them through emails. Available for US only. App available in Play Store and App Store.

Here’s my closet link: https://poshmark.com/closet/scairellie08

Use my code POKHN for you to get a $10 credit when you signup and download the app.


Pretty much similar with Poshmark, they take 19% of your commission and you are allowed to swap items in here, however swaps take place outside the Vinted payment system and you are not covered by their safety policy. Buyer pays for the shipment depending on the weight of the item. They can also ship to FPO/PO address which is good for our military fashion lovers. You just have to send your package normally but let your buyer know that the time frame for shipping will take a little longer since you’re shipping it internationally. For customer service, you can reach them through emails and they will get back to in 48 hours or less. App available in Play Store and App Store.

Here’s my closet link: http://www.vinted.com/members/12668568-scairellie08

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Strangers to Friends

   During my single year, I was so lucky enough to get a chance and explore the beautiful land of the Philippines. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend at that time and one my buddies during my college days and still my closest friend invited me to a climb. It was my first time and she told me that I would be able to make it to the top since it is a beginners trail with a difficulty level of 2/9. Cool!

   We did a sleepover at her house with the rest of our friends, we headed out the next morning and meet the rest of the climbers at our meeting place at Jollibee Alabang. We came in groups and strangers we met, we all indeed became friends. It was so funny because you get to know other people as you ride along to your destination, we took off after our rollcall. Eighteen strangers including myself, we took the bus off to Mt. Manabu in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.


(Jollibee Alabang Meeting Place)


(Mt. Manabu Jump off)

    As we arrived at our destination, we registered at the jump off site. We recuperate, established ourselves, and gave each and everyone their own tasks like who will be the guide and the tail, what would be our signal if somebody falls behind and if there is any obstacle on our way and etc. Everybody agreed and off we went to our starting point.

    Finally, we reached the campsite before sun down, tents were put up, assigned chef started cooking dinner for our hungry stomachs and as for the rest, we mingled. It was a 2-3 hours hike and everybody survived after a long trek as we ascended to the top. Some of us came from a night shift and then went straight for this trip. Haha!


(Me and my friend Jamie Lee at her tent)

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